Parents, not the government, hold the right to educate their children

Parents should have the right to choose their children's education from multiple options: public, private or homeschooling- without penalty

Common Core is a failure, and rewording it under some other label is deceptive. It is not good education, and should be opposed

All control for education should be at the state and local level, not some federal beauracracy

Q & A

Q: If NH passes "school choice," it will hurt our local schools by diverting money away. A: School choice (e.g. the "Croydon bill") will allow cities and towns to save money and will improve education by making schools more accountable.

Q: What is your exact plan to get Common Core out of NH? A: The NH legislature should enact a law that allows school districts to adopt any academic standard, and should allow parents and students to opt out of standardized tests.

Q: What would you support in place of the Common Core Standards? A: Ultimately, local control works best. But the state could play a role by adopting recommended standards that have already been proven effective.

Q: Do you support a parent' right to refuse standardized tests? A: Yes. Parents should be in charge of their children's education, not Washington bureaucrats and think-tanks.