Change Starts with You

Andreas W. Reif is running to represent you. What you stand for. What you believe.

A compassionate Republican, a husband and father to 7 great children, and a local college professor at SNHU, Granite State College, and Manchester Community College, Andreas W. Reif has lived in New Hampshire for 31 years and knows what this state needs.

Andreas W. Reif is fighting for you and your future. Join the cause and you too can help shape New Hampshire's future.

Latest News

November 6, 2018

Having won the uncontested primaries for the Republicans, the November general election is fast approaching! Please make sure you vote DOWN TICKET as well as for the “bigger” seats like Congress. In addition to voting for me, Andreas W. Reif, please also vote for Roland Six (Both Ward 7, District 14), and for Ross Terrio for District 43 . Help us keep New Hampshire moving forward with a Republican majority under Governor Sununu!

Please vote November 6 at St. Anthony Community Center, 148 Belmont Street, Manchester. We look forward to seeing you there!

September 9, 2018

Just two more days until the primary elections! Often voter turn-out is low, so make sure you vote all the way down ticket. For those in my ward, here is what a sample ballot looks like: