Andreas W. Reif Throws His Hat Into the Ring

I love New Hampshire, moving here in the 1980s. Low or no taxes, family friendly environment and limited government. It's what drew me here, and kept me here. Marrying and raising a family of seven children, I have been growing concerned at the changes in this great state.  In addition to serious problems  like the heroin epidemic, the New Hampshire "advantage" seems to be diminishing every year. While we have no state income tax or sales tax (yet!), there are those that have been clamoring for it. Our business taxes and regulations do not make our state as friendly as it used to be. Why aren't companies moving here or starting their business here like they used to? Will our young people stay, or will they move elsewhere for employment? We are graying state.

Being concerned is not enough! I have decided to do something about it. I'm running for office to once again foster the New Hampshire advantage, of limited government, limited taxes and a business friendly environment. I'm running to make New Hampshire a safe state, insuring action concerning our  drug problems. I'm running to make sure our children and students have educational choices. I'm running to make sure our state is family welcoming. We can do it, and I ask for your help!